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Host-Microbe Interactions course – for PhD students

FCG-IGC | 14-18 Nov 2022. Info soon

SymbNET PhD Summer School on Host-Microbe Symbioses 2023

FCG-IGC | 2-15 Jul 2023


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Course: SymbNET PhD Summer School on Host-Microbe Symbioses

Date: 3 – 16 Jul 2022

Place: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (FCG-IGC)

Organisers: Martin Blaser, Rutgers Uni; Thomas Bosch, CAU; Margaret McFall-Ngai, Carnegie Inst for Science; Luís Teixeira, FCG-IGC; and Karina Xavier, FCG-IGC.



Workshop: CRC1182/SymbNET Computational and Comparative Genomics

Date: 23 May – 03 Jun 2022

Place: Kiel University (CAU)

Organiser: Tal Dagan, CAU



Course: SymbNET: From metagenomics to metabolic interactions

Date: 31 Jan – 4 Feb 2022

Place: Online

Organiser: Rob Finn, EMBL-EBI

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Course: Host-Microbe Interactions – for PhD students

Date: 22-26 Nov 2021

Place: Online

Organiser: Luís Teixeira, FCG-IGC

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