CRC 1182/SymbNET Computational and Comparative Genomics Workshop

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Kiel University (CAU), Kiel, Germany



Two-weeks course: (22-26 May) & (5-9 June) 2023

Daily 10h-18h (CEST)

One-week break: (29 May – 2 Jun) 2023.

During this week, SymbNET participants may join a CRC1182 lab at CAU to visit current or possible new collaborators.


Course description

This course is aimed at teaching basic methods for the analysis of genomic data. This includes an overview of the theory and practice of computational methods for the identification and characterization of genetic elements from DNA sequence data. Students will gain basic knowledge in the analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data. This includes data mining of biological databases, phylogenetics, microbial genome assembly and annotation, microbial biodiversity analysis, analysis of genomic structural variants, analysis of transcriptomes. The students will be introduced to the commonly used computer software for the analysis and research of genomics and transcriptomics.

This workshop is organised by Tal Dagan at Kiel University (CAU) and co-organized by SymbNET and the Origin and Functions of Metaorganisms Collaborative Research Centre 1182 (CRC 1182).



Participation in this course is free!

Participants of SymbNET partner institutes (FCG-IGC, ITQB NOVA, EMBL, and UNIL) have travel and accommodation sponsored, upon selection.

Please register by April 25th


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