SymbNET Kick-off Meeting

The SymbNET Kick-off Meeting took place on the 15th and 16th of March 2021. The online event organised by the coordinating institution FCG-IGC, hosted both the Initial Management and Scientific Meetings. In a two-afternoon event, the different research groups and research facilities presented their work, aims, and capacity in host-microbe symbiosis, genomics, and metabolomics, allowing a critical understanding of the research interests of the consortium.

The event was open and free of charge for all SymbNET members of the participating institutes.

See the recorded presentations here




15th March – Scientific Meeting Day 1 (open to all participants)

Lisbon time (WET)

12h30-13h00 Welcome Session

Moderator: Luís Teixeira (FCG-IGC)

12h30 – Monica Bettencourt-Dias (FCG-IGC Director)

12h35 – Philipp Engel (UNIL Spokesperson)

12h40 – Nassos Typas (EMBL Spokesperson)

12h45 – Hinrich Schulenburg (CAU Spokesperson)

12h50 – Adriano Henriques (ITQB NOVA Spokesperson)

12h55 – Luís Teixeira (Project Coordinator, FCG-IGC Spokesperson)

13h00-14h00 Scientific research talks

Moderator: Miguel Soares (FCG-IGC)

13h00 – Karina Xavier (Xavier Lab, FCG-IGC)

13h15 – Adriano Henriques (Henriques Lab, ITQB NOVA)

13h30 – Silvia Brochet (Engel Lab, UNIL)

13h45 – Alexandre Almeida (Finn Lab, EMBL)

14h00-14h15 BREAK

14h15-15h30 Scientific research talks

Moderator: Tal Dagan (CAU)

14h15 – Lucia Pita (CAU)

14h30 – Nelson Frazão (Gordo Lab, FCG-IGC)

14h45 – André Mateus (Savitski Lab, EMBL)

15h00 – Sumnima Singh (Soares Lab, FCG-IGC)

15h15 – Hinrich Schulenburg (Schulenburg Lab, CAU)

15h30-15h45 BREAK

15h45-16h50 Research facilities/services presentations

Moderator: Mikhail Savitski (EMBL)

15h45 – Ricardo Leite (Genomics Unit, FCG-IGC)

15h52 – Jingtao Lilue (Bioinformatics Unit, FCG-IGC)

16h00 – Philip Rosenstiel (CCGA, CAU)

16h07 – Ana Guerreiro (UNIMS, ITQB NOVA)

16h15 – Vladimir Benes (Gene core Facility, EMBL)

16h22 – Mandy Mettel (Proteomics core Facility, EMBL)

16h30 – Rob Finn (Microbiome Informatics, EMBL)

16h37 – Julijana Ivanisevic (Metabolomics Unit, UNIL)


16th March 

Scientific Meeting Day 2 (open to all participants)

Lisbon time (WET)

12h30-13h30  Scientific research talks

Moderator: Élio Sucena (FCG-IGC)

12h30 – Sarela Garcia (Typas Lab, EMBL)

12h45 – André Barros (Moita Lab, FCG-IGC)

13h00 – Michael Zimmerman (Zimmerman Lab, EMBL)

13h15 – Thomas Bosch (Bosch Lab, CAU)

13h30-13h45 BREAK

13h45-14h30 Scientific research talks

Moderator: Philipp Engel (UNIL)

13h45 – Gonçalo Matos (Teixeira Lab, FCG-IGC)

14h00 – Malte Rühlemann (CAU)

14h15 – Niclas Lyndby (Meibom Lab, UNIL)

14h30-15h00 BREAK 

15h00-16h15 Networking session (students and postdocs)

16h30-17h00 Summary / discussion (with all participants)


Steering and Management Meetings (open to members of these boards)

14h45-16h00 Management meeting (WP leaders, Task leaders, Task contributors, Advisory Board)

Moderator: Luís Teixeira (FCG-IGC)

14h45 – WP1 SymbNET Project Management (Mariana Simões, FCG-IGC)

14h55 – WP5 Capacitation of the Center for International Collaboration (Luís Valente, FCG-IGC)

15h05 – WP6 Dissemination and Communication (Ana Morais, FCG-IGC)

15h15 – WP2 Establish a collaborative research network (Isabel Gordo, FCG-IGC)

15h30 – WP3 Increase IGC and ITQB technical capacity in genomics and metabolomics (Hinrich Schulenburg, CAU)

15h45 – WP4 Capacitating early-stage researchers in host-microbe symbiosis (Karina Xavier, FCG-IGC)

16h00-16h30 Steering Board meeting (Steering Board, Advisory Board, WP leaders)

16h30-17h00 Summary / discussion (with all participants)

Updated on 01 october 2021