The life of flies explained to the little ones


The Schools Programme of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência promoted a joint action with the SymbNET project with the aim of disseminating the science that is carried out in the Microorganism Host Interactions laboratory.

Students from the 2nd grade at Escola Básica Gomes Freire de Andrade participated in activities organized by scientist Catarina Carmo. The scientist explained how flies can resist viral infection if they carry a bacteria called Wolbachia inside them. The study of this interaction is very important to understand how to fight viral diseases transmitted by mosquitoes to humans.

In this activity, children were also able to observe fruit flies in different stages of their life cycle and distinguish, using small handheld magnifying glasses, between males and females, flies with red eyes and white eyes, with curled or straight wings .

Undoubtedly an activity that aroused immense curiosity!

Updated on 04 april 2023