SymbNET Research Grants – Final Call Results

Andrea Mićović, a PhD student from the Neuronal responses to bacterial signals Group at the FCG-IGC has recently been awarded with a SymbNET Research Grant.

Andrea will receive 4.000€ to support her research uncovering “the intricate interplay between gut microbiota, sex hormone regulation, and their profound impact on brain function, with potential far-reaching implications for women’s health”. This funding will allow her to proceed with her experiments in collaboration with the EMBL Metabolomics core facility. In Andrea’s words, “this grant fosters a long-term collaboration with EMBL’s core metabolomics facility, providing essential access to cutting-edge techniques and expertise, ensuring ongoing success in our research endeavors.”

The 5th call of the SymbNET Research Grants closed a very successful program aiming to promote the use of new technologies and approaches in Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics and the interaction of FCG-IGC and ITQB-NOVA researchers with the SymbNET partner institutions (CAUUNILEMBL). The purpose is for the researchers to use and identify techniques to be imported to the FCG-IGC and ITQB NOVA facilities or to be used in the long-term as an external service in partner institutions or collaborations.

Within the framework of this funding initiative, a total of 44,000€ was allocated to 11 researchers, ten affiliated with the FCG-IGC and one from the ITQB NOVA. The funds were designated for the exploration of novel methodologies that are not currently accessible within their institutes, facilitating technical advancements and promoting collaborative efforts among partner institutions.

Congratulations to all researchers involved in this program. We recognize and appreciate their valuable contributions to the progress of Genomics, Metabolomics, and Proteomics fields!

Updated on 21 november 2023