IGC researchers awarded SymbNET Research Grants to collaborate with EMBL

Researchers from the Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência (FCG-IGC) have recently been awarded three SymbNET Research Grants (4.000€ each) to collaborate with partners at the EMBL.

Rodney Eyles from the Microbial Genomics and Symbiosis Lab will receive 4.000€ to do proteomics analysis at the EMBL Proteomics Core Facility. According to Rodney, this funding “enables a collaboration between IGC and EMBL that will further research on how the different species making up the gut microbiome communicate with each other and their host.” The researcher acknowledges “Symbnet for this opportunity” and welcomes “the chance to advance knowledge on why some microbiotas remain stable while others fall into dysbiosis causing detrimental effects on host health”.

The other two grants (8.000€) will be shared by three researchers of the Inflammation Lab to perform experiments at the EMBL Metabolomics Core Facility, which will allow “to unravel the metabolic alteration during viral, protozoan and bacterial infections” (in Jamil Kitoko, Elisa Jentho and Susana Ramos words).

This funding program aims to promote the use of new technologies and approaches in Metabolomics, Genomics and Proteomics and the interaction of FCG-IGC and ITQB-NOVA researchers with the SymbNET partner institutions (CAUUNILEMBL). The purpose is for the researchers to use and identify techniques to be imported to IGC and ITQB-NOVA facilities or to be used in the long-term as an external service in partner institutions or collaborations.

Updated on 05 april 2023