Symposium “Fungi: the forgotten component of metaorganisms”

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Date: 1-2 MArch 2023

Venue: Maritim Hotel in Kiel, Germany



Metaorganism CRC 1182 (Collaborative Research Center Origin and Function of Metaorganism)

Kiel Life Science

Kiel Plant Center



SymbNET researchers are entitled to travel and accommodation support (limited places available)!

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Hosted by the CRC 1182, Kiel Life Science, Kiel Plant Center, and SymbNET, “Fungi – the forgotten component of metaorganisms” is designed to be a small and focused meeting including experts and colleagues from different disciplines of research including medical mycology, plant pathology, and fungal genetics.

The aim of this symposium is to share our experiences and knowledge across discipline boundaries and discuss how together we can better explore the role of fungi in animal and plant metaorganisms systems.


Confirmed Speakers:

Stephan Rosshart, Freiburg University, DE

Joseph Heitman, Duke University, US

Alga Zuccaro, Cologne University, DE

Bart Thomma, Cologne University, DE

Marie-Claire Arrieta, University of Calgary, CA

Petra Bacher, UKSH, Kiel, DE

Ingrid Richter, Leibniz-HKI Jena, DE