SymbNET Mini Symposium on Mammalian Gut Microbiota-Pathogen interactions and the impact of antibiotics

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FCG-IGC, Oeiras, Portugal

Available on Zoom for registered participants outside of the FCG-IGC and ITQB NOVA Oeiras campus.


The complex microbial community residing in the mammalian intestines, the gut microbiota, is important for many aspects of host health. One important function provided by the gut microbiota is the protection against infections that this community of symbionts confers to the host by acting as a protective barrier against bacterial pathogens. Many environmental factors, such the extensive use of antibiotics, can lead to a less protective community increasing the susceptibility of the host to infections and chronic diseases. In this Mini-Symposium we will have three seminars on novel findings and approaches towards understanding the mechanisms by which members of the microbiota protect against pathogens and the impact of antibiotics in these processes.



Karina B. Xavier (FCG-IGC, Portugal)

Sarela Garcia Santamarina (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)



Bärbel Stecher (MVP-LMU Munich, Germany)

Camille Goemans (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)

Carles Ubeda (FISABIO Valencia, Spain)



MolBioS PhD students, FCG-IGC and ITQB NOVA researchers, and registered SymbNET participants.

Registration is free but mandatory.

Please register by April 26th (13h59 WEST) to attend in person. Registrations to attend online are open until 2 hours before the event starts.


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